1976 Charismatic Team from Bombay conduct programs in June at Calicut and Ernakulam and CCR youth activities begin. St Teresa’s group started.

Fr. Marcelino’s visits to build youth groups. Youth retreats in different parts of Kerala

Fr. Fio Mascarenhas proposes to the newly formed Kerala Service Team (KST) of the CCR to organise a convention for youth. First Youth Team formed, series of gatherings and a youth network is built - First Charismatic Youth Convention (Around 800 participants).

Bible camps and retreats. Many college and parish groups grow

Fr. Geno Henriques talks to KST on the need for a focus and strategy for youth. Second Youth Team formed. A working plan for youth presented to KST and Kerala divided into 14 zones with teams.

Youth leadership formation on ‘Self Awareness’ first in English, later in Malyalam. “First Line” group formed.

First Line group organise ‘Know Yourself Program’ at different centres. Youth Team reconstituted with the name, Kerala Youth Central Team (KYCT) with Edward Edezhath as the Convener and Fr. Abraham Pallivathukal as the Pastor. First camp for children.

Know yourself’ programs train youth for leadership. Zonal monthly gatherings and committed groups.

International Youth Year. Conference with the name ‘Jesus Youth 85’ - Jesus Youth gets its name.

Jesus Youth work in Colleges streamlined - Central Campus Ministry formed. Second Line leadership formation begin

Second Line continue. All Kerala Conferene ‘Jesus youth 87’: “Evangelisation our goal”

‘Campus Meet 88’: “Arise Shine Out”, over 1500 students participate. New KYCT formed with T.C Joseph as the coordinator and Fr Abraham Pallivathukkal as the Pastor

‘Jesus Youth 89’ with the theme “Prayer & Evangelisation” - ‘Campus Meet 89’ with the theme “Our God Reigns”. Christeen 89: teen-agers for Christ, around 2500 children come together – First young professionals’ conference held in Trivandrum ‘The Rex Band’ is formed.

‘Campus meets’: “Come and See” held in 5 different places followed by a ‘Campus Conference’, “Fullness of Life” – First all Kerala Parish gathering - ‘Parish fest 90’ 3000 youth from parishes come together – Rex Band music album “Sing to the Lord” - Jesus Youth song book "Sing Halleluiah" first edition - Intercessors’ Conference “Sehion Meet.” New KYCT is formed with Joji Babu as the Coordinator and Fr Abraham Pallicathukkal SJ as the pastor.

Campus conference - "Sing Halleluiah" song book Second Edition

‘Jesus Youth 92’: “Build with the Lord” - First batch of 27 graduates (17 boys + 10 girls) take one year full time commitment to serve the Lord in campuses - First Outreach camp at Puthuvaipu – 2 albums by The Rex Band ‘We Declare’ and ‘Nathantekoode’. New KYCT is formed with Chackochan Njavally as the Coordinator and Fr Abraham Pallicathukkal SJ as the pastor.

Talent 93 - 46 weekend training programs in 9 different fields spread over seven months – First trip of Rex Band outside Kerala - Second batch of full time volunteers (35 members) - ‘Samaria 93’ in Thalassery with a focus of living social doctorines of the Church - ‘Snehapoorvam,’ bi-monthly private news circular initiated by Chackochan Njavallil

‘Jesus Youth 94’: Christ Centred Lifestyle – ‘Campus conference 94’ – ‘Parish fest 94’ – JETT: Junior Evangelisers Trainers Training Program - SETT - Senior Evangelisers Trainers Training Program - ‘ We Belong To Thee’ Audio cassette by The Rex Band - Third batch of full-timers. New KYCT is formed – Chackocahn Njavally continues for the second term as the Coordinator and Fr Abraham Pallicathukkal SJ as the pastor.

Bible courses - Discipleship formation Programs – ‘Jesus Youth 95’ - ‘Feel’: the first video Album – ‘Campus Meets’ in 4 places, 4000 participates - ‘ Sing Hallelujah’ third edition with chords - ‘The Visuals’ takes new name ‘The Living Vision’ - Fourth batch of Full-time volunteers

‘Campus Meets’: theme “Life” at 8 places - Bible correspondence course – ‘Professionals’ Conference’: “Thy Kingdom Come” (350 participants) - Fifth batch Full-time Volunteers (34) - New Malayalam album by the Rex Band ‘Anuranjanam’ - New KYCT formed - First Pro-life Training Program - The first book on Jesus Youth vision, ‘Jesus Youth- Oru Yuvajana Vismayathinte Katha’ - New KYCT is formed with Manoj Sunny as the Coordinator and Fr Sebastian Arikat as the pastor.

Pro-life programs - New batch of JETT - post-SSLC programs – first Nurses Conference with more than 800 participants, training - Sixth batch of full-time volunteers – 14 Inter Zonal Campus Meets with the theme ‘Jesus Christ’ – Rex Band visit to Goa and to Delhi for animating the forst youth convention ‘Youth Alive’ – Living Vision at the Mumbai Jubilee Convention - National visits for group animation – Jesus Youth on the Web (www.jesusyouth.org) – Rex Band Album “Quiet Waters” – All Kerala Jesus Youth Conference - Jesus Youth 97 ‘the family gathering’ with more than 2000 participants.

Dedication of Jesus Youth to the Holy Spirit, the four-step program, Holy Spirit Seminar for Leaders; Novena and Pentecost Celebration; Zonal Conventions; and Leaders’ Dedication Session - Sports Animation – Easter program on Doordarshan by Rex Band and Living Vision – Rex Band English cassette ‘The Spirit of Holiness’ – Doctors’ Conference – Nurses Training – Regular evangelisation training and part-time volunteering – National Co-ordination set up – First Jesus Youth National Team is formed with Manoj Sunny as the coordinator and Fr Abraham Pallivathukkal SJ as the pastor; 7th batch of volunteers and Mission Volunteers – beginning of ‘Kairos’ magazine

Jesus Youth National Office begins in Cochin – NCDT, National Campus Discipleship Training at Bangalore - ‘Professionals’ Conference 99’ – ‘Abba Seminars’ in different zones – Campus Meets in 14 zones – ‘Roses in Winter’ 11th album of the Rex Band - ‘Grace Land’, 8day Jesus Youth Mega Exhibition with stalls and evening shows at Ernakulam - National Campus Meet at Bangalore – ‘Joynet’ the e-mail fellowship

Delegation at Jubilee World Youth Day celebrations in Rome and YAI meet in Turin. 9th batch of full-timers. All Kerala Campus Conference - Participation in the preparation of Asia 2000. Participation in the organisation of Asian Youth Conference at Divine Centre. Prayernet and e-mail ‘Prayer Buddies’ started. ‘Joyntet’ e-mail fellowship. Booklet on mission “Missionariyakunna oru Yuvajana Munnettam”

Rex Band live recording by at Chennai. - 10th Batch of fulltimers. New National Team is formed with C.C Joseph as the coordinator and Fr George Madukkampuram SVD as Pastor

11th batch of full-timers. All Kerala Campus Conference – JY participate in YAI conference in Ottava – Rex Band at Toronto WYD – first Int’l JY Leaders gathering at Toronto – First Jesus Youth International Team formed with Manoj Sunny as the Coordinator and Fr Abraham pallivathukkal SJ as the Pastor

Int’l News Letter launched - ‘Tree of Life’ a prolife short film. – 12th batch of fulltimers in India – Angels Army launched in June – JYIT meeting in Rome – Audience with Pope John Paul II

13th batch Fulltimers. From 5 constants to ‘Six Pillars’.

Jesus Youth 2005 at Bangalore, new album Destination Christ by Rex Band - 14th Batch of Fulltimers in India - Cultural Exchange Program in Kerala – active participation in WYD Cologne; started animating catechesis sessions during WYD; Rex Bannd performs on the main stage of WYD, first International pilgrimage to Europe as a part of WYD – Second Jesus Youth International Team is formed with Manoj Sunny as the coordinator and Fr Thomas Tharayil as the Pastor

Communion 2006 ,JY gathering of Priests and religious - Chalo Kashmir in April - 15th Batch of Fulltimers in India – Cultural Exchange in Kerala – ‘Youth Vibes’ JY Podcast launched – First Int’l Fulltimers Training in Colombo, Sri Lanka (24 from 9 countries) - “Love Beyond Borders” Continental Conferences begins with the frst conference for South East Asia in Bangkok

Love Beyond Conferences for North America in US, for Europe in UK, for GCC in Jerusalem, for South Asia in Kerala - 16th Batch of Fulltimers in India – 2nd Int’l FT batch in Thailand - Cultural Exchange in Kerala – Verapoly Nagpur Archdioceses give canonical approval

Jesus Youth given canonical approval by the CBCI – Pastoral letter by the International team, Put out into the Deep - WYD at Sydney Australia, JY Int’l Conference – New JY International Team formed in Sydney with George Devassy as the Coordinator and Fr Thomas Tharayil as the Pastor – 17th Batch of Fulltimers in India – First International trainings for Leaders and animators in Bangkok

JY community Prayer book introduced - Jesus Youth International Trainings at Bankok (Int’l Animators, Leaders and Fulltimers), JY International Assembly launching the silver Jubilee of the movement– 18th Batch of Fulltimers in India. Formation for candidates for JY Priesthood begin in June

Jesus Youth Jubilee Year – one year long preparation ‘Year of Grace’- 19th Batch of Fulltimers in India – Jubilee Conference brings together 20 thousand in Cochin – Int’l Trainings in Thailand.

Jubilee Colloquium – 20th Batch of Fulltimers in India - Int’l Trainings in Thailand – ‘Profess Messiah’ Professionals meet in Cochin - WYD in Madrid. Renewal of approval by CBCI. New International Team formed with Raiju Varghese as coordinator and Fr Bitaju Mathew OSST as Pastor

Int’l Bishops’ Consultation at Dubai - JY Formation Plan launched in Rome on 11th Oct. “That Christ may be Formed in Them” –Interntional Leaders’ Gathering at Rome – ‘JY Households’ announced - 21st Batch of Fulltimers in India - Int’l Trainings in Thailand – ‘Pietro Paulo’ one and a half year long leaders’ training in Kerala.

In connection with the Year of Faith, 13 Faith Conferences in India – WYD in Rio – 22nd Batch of Fulltimers in India - Int’l Trainings in Thailand. Monthly JY Household materials begin circulation. First Jinternational Formation team and Mission team formed. International Assembly India - New JY International Team formed with C.C Joseph as the coordinator and Fr Bitaju Mathew OSST as the Pastor

23rd Batch FTP in India, Int’l trainings in Thailand. JY Women Leaders gatherings begin. Begin using the image of Mary Queen of the Apostles. Formation of National Formation teams and Formation Base teams in countries. First Philip Course and Formation training in India.

Commitment Day observed on Pentecost day – Daily Prayer of Jesus Youth introduced - 24th FTP in India, Int’l trainings in Thailand – Formations trainings in different countries. Study groups initiated.

25th Jubilee batch FTP, Commitment/recommitment day May 15th, May 20th Canonical approval by the Holy See and approval ceremony gathering in Vatican; 22nd Thanksgiving day at Angamally, WYD in Poland, Int’l trainings in Thailand – Dialogues with Angels Army leadership starting from Aug. Fire at JY offices - Ordination of JY priests Frs Das & Ditto., Fulltimers Jubilee conference in Dec. New JY International Council formed as per the new JY Statutes with C.C Joseph as the International Coordinator and Fr Cherian Nereveettil as the Chaplain.

Jesus Youth Int’l mission consultation in April. ‘Kairos’ in English launched. Int’l FT, Leaders, Animators, Exposure Trainings in Thailand. 26th batch FTP in India. Angels Army become a separate entity.

Blessing of new JY offices in Cochin (5Mar) Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara passes away, Bishop Raphael Thattil is the new Ecclesiastical Advisor - Shoy Thomas is the new International Coordinator – 27th FTP batch in India – Trainings in Thailand - In the context of Kerala Floods in August, ‘Nalla Ayalkaran’ initiative launched and adopts 12 affected villages in Kerala - JY International Youth Consultation (Oct 12-14) in Rome. New International Patrons for the movement: Cardinal Cleemis and Archbishop Christopher Prowse. Raiju takes charge as the new Mission Director. JYKC (JY Kerala Conference18) at Pala. Malayalam book by Edward Edezhath ‘Kaattu Visunna Vazhikal’ published.

In WYD at Panama 4 JY Music Bands (Master Plan, Acts of the Apostles, Inside Out and Vox Christi) participate; 28th FTP batch in India – Trainings in Thailand – Senior Leaders’ Formation Crash Course in February and August. JY Int’l Assembly at Ashirbhavan, Ernakulam

Covid-19 Pandemic from around March – JY functioning shifted to online. Talent Initiatives in Kerala starting from Feb. – Fr. Thomas Pulickal 3rd JY Priest ordained in the US – 29 FTP batch in India online - 3 Int’l teams – Vision Forum, Team for Safeguarding & Grievance Cell. Bejesh, the new Mission Director. 3 girls gather to discuss the possibility of lifelong commitment in the movement. Online formation programs launched.

JY Coral Jubilee celebrated online with participation by nearly 20,000 across the globe - Fr Cheriyan Nereveetil & Sr Thresiamma Philip pass away - Published 5 books by Kairos Media 'Alicekuttiyum Athbhuthalokavum" (Mal); Deivathinte Maunam, Kulirmayulla Theechoola, Olela and Rivers of Living Water. - first Formation Day on Dec 8th

High media attention as Ajna George passes away – 30th batch of full-time volunteers - Int’l Leaders and Animators training in Thailand - Fr Anthony Xaviour, 4th JY priest ordained in Delhi. Int’l Assembly at Muvattupuzha elects new JY Int’l Council, Midhun the coordinator. Three women are consecrated. Cultural Exchange in Kerala; Awaken in USA.

Int’l Council and Vision Forum meet, Dubai. – 31 Batch full-time volunteers - Int’l Fulltime Volunteers Learning Program in Srilanka - Ja-go, Indian JY gathering - Lisbon WYD, 5 bands from JY and Int’l Gathering.