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The Holy Mass celebrated in the chapel of @jesusyouthinternational office is being live streamed on Facebook and Instagram until the restrictions of public gatherings are lifted in many of the countries. Holy mass will be celebrated every day at 12.30 pm IST.

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Message from Ecclesiastical Advisor

Dear Members of the Jesus Youth Movement,

Greetings of the day!!

I write this pastoral note in the context of COVID-19. This year's Lenten journey will be unforgettable for most of us in a variety of ways. And one significant development surely is the spread of the pandemic which in one way or other has deeply impacted the lives of everyone of us. Something that we thought as happening in a far away land or heard in fictional narratives, has come so close to us. In most of our places the threat is far from over and we are struggling to face its spread and its future long-term consequences.

As we confront these distressing developments, one of the key messages of this season resounds loud and clear that ‘dust we are’ and that without the Lord’s help and mercy we are entirely helpless. Surely, we are reminded of our vulnerability and called upon to turn to the Lord with a humble prayer, ‘Lord we are poor and helpless. Do come to our aid!’

Faced with threats of such massive proportions, our natural human response is fear and distress. While we must be realistic in assessing the dangers and be responsible in taking suitable measures to avoid endangering ourselves and others, the Lord does not want us to fall victims to ‘an epidemic of fear’. On the other hand, he wants us to trust in Him and place ourselves in His plan and protection, knowing well that He is in charge of us and everything that is happening around us. Perhaps, these days of ‘walking through the valley of the shadow of death’ could also be a time of deepening our walk in the Spirit, as we gently turn to him and learn to ‘give thanks in all circumstances’.

Crises of these proportions very often turn out to be tests that prove our real mettle. We find some people using this epidemic to make a quick profit or even as an occasion to gain attention and popularity. On the other hand, we hear of many who have come forward in the true spirit of Good Samaritans and extend solace and support to many. As in the past, Jesus Youth, should discover in these moments of great darkness opportunities to extend a hand of solace and support to those in dire need.

At a time when social distancing becomes an act of charity, many of us may not be able to reach out to the sick ones. But surely, we will find creative ways of extending love and care during these trying times and especially when individuals, families and communities make efforts to return to normalcy, once the epidemic is contained.

I am sure that if we look with a heart of faith, this crisis of immense proportions will prove to be a God given time for strengthening and renewal. Let us make efforts to slow down, read and reflect on the word of God, spend time with the Lord and take time to be with those close to us. Perhaps some of our digital facilities will help us gather and pray for God’s mercy and also for those who are suffering.

Amidst all our efforts, I request everyone to pray for the intervention of God Almighty who has given us life in abundance. The inability of man to control this virus is an invitation to turn to God and try to understand His hidden plans. In the midst of anxiety and uncertainty, as Jesus Youth Members, we are to set an example of faith, hope and charity. In all our prayers, sacrifices and acts of self-denial, both public and private, let us remember this intention that the corona virus be controlled and that all those who are affected may be saved and brought back to normal life.

Requesting your prayers once again I remain,

Yours in Jesus Christ,

Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil
Ecclesiastical Advisor
Jesus Youth International

Fulltime volunteers training program 2020

The Jesus Youth Fulltime Volunteers’ Training has been one of the earliest Mission Training Modules to be designed for young graduates from different countries and cultures.

The training conducted in multiple centres has transformed about 1800 individuals in the last 28 years. The Training involves an intensive one-month training that usually is followed by a one-year mission placement in different parts of the world.

We plan to conduct two pieces of training this year.

  1. Campus-Based Mission - One for those who are interested to work in cities, campuses and the mainstream of the movement, etc. The training will be from 12th June to 12th July 2020.
  2. Rural Based Mission - One for those who have a flair to work in remote areas, villages, etc. The training will be from 18th July to 18th August 2020.

The two pieces of training will be held in two different locations that will give the participants an experience of what they would be facing in the next year of their formation.

During the selection, the applicant may express their preference between the two trainings and that would be given due weightage. However, the selection team would make the final decision on which training the participant should attend.

The comprehensive training modules are designed by experts in every domain - faith, spirituality, personal motivation, linguistics, psychology, art, music, theatre and public speaking among others. Beyond the one-year exposure, the training is designed to transform the skills, attitudes and vision of the volunteers in a deeper way for life itself.

The team will be trying their utmost to ensure that the fulltime volunteers be sent only in groups of 2 or more to an assigned mission area. They will live in a common place and would travel from there for their missions. In the community living, there will also be a senior Jesus Youth or Jesus Youth family present to accompany the fulltime volunteers during their placement period.

Jesus Youth Prayer

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